Monday, July 21, 2008

it's already half year of CY 2008..

just reading on this blog topic.. i realized that it's been sooo long since Feb 08 im not updating any story here..
the reason were: ive another blog (it's not alwiz updated though...),my name published for the blogs tittle so...., n im sooooooo bz2 super duper bz after came back to my routine work last March 08.

tup tap tup tap.. it's already july.. been asking for myself.. how much that i've been contributed in my daily job.. dunie n akhirah.. im yet to turn 25.. suku abad dh oit.. looking into my ppa .. can i achieved that this yr.. not my ppa job ok.. my core ppa.. which is more to life's ..

im keep mentioning myself is soooo bz.. been working for saturday n sunday till now..too tired to handle all this.. but life has to go on. (ape ku merepk di mlm hari ni)..

at this moment, tgh meluahkan perasaan sambil buat keje ni... keje yg x sudah2.. wat a life..
i miss so much my students life...back in 2005.. so bz but so hepi.. btol la kate org, enjoy jek time blaja..
enuff for now.. continue wif my work.. tomorro will fly to kl.. (hopefully dpt.... )
x cukup kaki tgn nk xnk amek org lebih.... cmne tu..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

my last day OJT - 29 February 2008

i had write a story about my on-job-training in my friendster blog.. my ojt which is supposed to be 3 months, had been extended to 4 months due for some reasons.. but end up with only writing all the reports in the last months =p .. coz 2 weeks we had involved with sko games...

it was a special date last day: 29th February 2008, we finalized our reports and submit it to cikgu2..celebrate cikgu hazen's birthday.. it was our last day of ojt.. no more wake up late in the morning, and go back early from class everyday.. will miss the moments then.. *sigh*