Wednesday, February 24, 2010

kebetulan or memang betul?

dah lama pun tak borak ngan die
dah lame pun tak chatting sama
mungkin dua2 pun busy ngan keje
the last one was during new year
wat? it was sooo looooong then

every time im thinking of him,
at the point of time to i want to buzz him..
at the same time he will buzz me..

not only for one..
it was happen


or maybe more..?

i miss us

Sunday, February 07, 2010


tadaaaa~~~ (clap2..clap2..clap2)
pls see below for my 1st card of the project A...

a. a simple & sweet card for my fwenz who just got a baby boy in the last dec09.
b. my 'dull' daily notebook, after it has been transformed. this design is just a simple to cover the white/blue front page..(oh i should capture the pic-befor-&-after for the next task).

below is my lil' office where im scratch all my ideas to the colourful papers..

at the moment, i have a list of cards to complete. im thinking to 'sell' my hobbies, but i need to strategize my time.
soon to open the offer to the colleagues..
actually im ready to acccept any card booking..
tak mahal pun..

Wednesday, February 03, 2010