Sunday, February 07, 2010


tadaaaa~~~ (clap2..clap2..clap2)
pls see below for my 1st card of the project A...

a. a simple & sweet card for my fwenz who just got a baby boy in the last dec09.
b. my 'dull' daily notebook, after it has been transformed. this design is just a simple to cover the white/blue front page..(oh i should capture the pic-befor-&-after for the next task).

below is my lil' office where im scratch all my ideas to the colourful papers..

at the moment, i have a list of cards to complete. im thinking to 'sell' my hobbies, but i need to strategize my time.
soon to open the offer to the colleagues..
actually im ready to acccept any card booking..
tak mahal pun..

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