Saturday, January 21, 2012

day 18, 19 & 20:

Day 18:

2 shakes

Teabreak: 2 biji karipap

Lunch: as per pic

Workout: 30mins jogwalk + 30mins cycling

Day 19:

2 shakes

Lunch: kuetiaw tomyam

Teabreak: 2 biji limau

Workout: 30mins jogwalk+ 30mins cycling


1 shake

Lunch: lalapan ikan penyet with no rice

Teabreak:2 cucuk beef sate (in mas)

Dinner: 2 slice of bread and sardine

No workout la la la la~~ fly to kul..

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day 16 &17 :

Day 16 (workshop in kl):

1 shake

Teabreak: *lupe mkn ape haha*

Lunch: 7 cucuk sate ayam+daging,pasta (s size),pasemboq (s size),

At 530pm: 2 big apple donut

Dinner: bread puding+1 cone of baskin robin ice cream (free voucher impiana)

*no workout.. Walking from impiana to corus hotel*

Day 17(workshop in kl)

1 shake

Teabreak: 2 samosa

Lunch: 4 sate, pasemboq (s size)

Teabreak:2 ketul nugget

At 6pm: coffee bean ;)

*no workout; flying to myy*

2 hari yg giler melantak!!!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

day 14-15

Day14 (@home):

2 shakes

Lunch:nasik kandar

Teabreak:betik,limau, 4 ulas cempedak goreng

Day 15 :

1 shakes

Lunch: nasi separuh, ayam bakar, udang msk lemak, sayur

Teabreak: limau

****tak shake mlm sbb kyg mkn cempedak goreng..

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

day 14 (at home sweet home)

2 shakes

Lunch:nasik kandar (as per pic)

Teabreak:betik,limau, 4 ulas cempedak goreng

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day 13: (5th day in course)

2 shakes,

Teabreak: 1 plate size S of yong tau foo,

Lunch:2 slices of bread wif corn soup, 2 scoop of icecream,mussel

No workout.

So far, this is da greatest achievement of myself.. 1st time bwk running shoe pi course..  and i have to admit that it was so hard..especially bab makan.. But yaa,i kept the spirit till da end of da course.. Hee yaaah..!!! Success..

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day 12: day 4 in course

1 shake only

Teabreak: nuget + ciken (size s), yogurt 100g

Lunch: 1 small plate of salad +1 slice of beef, sup ayam +1 slice of bun,

Dinner (as per pic): ikan bbq +buah + 2sudu eskem baskin robin

Workout:30mins jogwalk + 30 mins cycling (extraordinary)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

day 11

(3rd day in course):


Morning: 1 pau kaya (s size)

Lunch: as per picture

Teabreak: 2 yogurt (156cal), 2 ketul apam

Workout: 30mins jogwalk + cycling

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day 7-10

Here are my updates:

Day 6:

1 morning shake

Lunch:ayam penyet + 1/2 nasi

Dinner: 1/2 tosai

*no workout* fly to kl...

Day7 (at home sweet home):

2 shakes

Lunch: betik, limau, nasi+ayam masak lemak,

*no workout*

Day 8 (my cheat day at home sweet home):

Breakfast:Mee kari

Lunch:nasi + ikan masak 3 rase, durian 5 ulas,

Dinner: 1/4 beef beger

No workout et all

*Makayah dah msk,so tak baek lukakan hati mereka kan kan kan ;) *

Day 9 (1st day in course):

2 Shakes

Morning teabreak:  2 vadai, 1 ayam pandan

Lunch: baked macaroni,sayur,pari bakar,sup tofu, cucur 2 ketol

Tea time: 1 aiskrim kon kecil,1 karipap

Workout:30mins jogwalk + 30 mins cycling

Day 10 (2nd day in course):


Morning teabreak: 6 siew mai

Lunch: salad, 2 cucur,2ketul ayam part dada,puding roti

Teabreak: 1cucur, roti sosej (jln kat klcc)

Workout:30mins jogwalk+30mins cycling

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Monday, January 09, 2012

100days challenge

Since i encountered problem with the modem at home, i will updating my diet menu in this blog instead the other blog. We've agreed to start  the challenge on 1.1.12..ive started earlier though,20.11.12. WE are referring to leha,zita and i..not to forget alya as the observer (she is forced to join our challenge..haha..thats what friends are for). We are striving towards healthy lifestyle and to achieve ideal weight by end of 100days. Bear with us. Bear with my next entry. ;)

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