Saturday, January 21, 2012

day 16 &17 :

Day 16 (workshop in kl):

1 shake

Teabreak: *lupe mkn ape haha*

Lunch: 7 cucuk sate ayam+daging,pasta (s size),pasemboq (s size),

At 530pm: 2 big apple donut

Dinner: bread puding+1 cone of baskin robin ice cream (free voucher impiana)

*no workout.. Walking from impiana to corus hotel*

Day 17(workshop in kl)

1 shake

Teabreak: 2 samosa

Lunch: 4 sate, pasemboq (s size)

Teabreak:2 ketul nugget

At 6pm: coffee bean ;)

*no workout; flying to myy*

2 hari yg giler melantak!!!!

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