Saturday, July 18, 2009

meet him!

i got a chance to watch him was during the closing nite of karnival keluarge petronas, last jun 09..i was wearing the RC shirt, and he acknowledged me during the performance..of course he was not mentioning my name la kan.. RC fan! takpe! yang penting die perasan jugak!..

i was in the 3rd row from the front stage.. great view.. clear! without obstruction!! malu pegi depan sgt.. kang join budak2 kecik plak.. part yg sedey tu, i didnt capture any beatiful picture of him,..sume cloudy..aiyak... my camera or the skills? ahha.. thanx to raph..i got these pic from him.. nice shot from ur dsLR..

BB a.k.a FT.. cant wait for your 2nd album...

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