Sunday, November 15, 2009

my music lesson..

im jus come back from my piano class..
it is sooo great!..
after 5 months, ive been running my soft fingers on the piano tab/key, i found that it is not so difficult to play a sweet song for my honey-bunny one day! ye.. practices make perfect k..(lagu epi bufday pun ok jek kan)

mmm.. i have interest in music since i was in primary school (berjiwa seni la ni..uhuk..betol ni.sunggu tak tipu..i love arts very much!).. during my kid, i was exposed to the recorder only.. i don have my extra-own money to pay for the piano lesson fees (duduk kampung pun, nan ado kelas piano ni glemer di kalangan budak melayu).. and my fa & ma would rather pay for my tuition class than piano.. ' ko nak wat pe pun ngan piano tu.. bukan dpt mkn kan..' haha.. and im in love wif drums too!.. maybe one day.. its look like that u can throw all your angers to that instrument.. and macam kacak jek andy estranged maen drum!wow

why did i choose piano?
  • avoid time-wasting for non-benefit xtvt and spend my leisure time wisely in miri (remaja berwawasan.ok-tahan-je-la-gelak-tu)
  • energizing and synchronizing my right & left brain (takut karat kalo dah tak pegi sekolah ni)
  • my sensei is my fren (ngelat la takmo blaja ngan cikgu laen.. cekgu laen garang)
  • i will wake up early on the Sunday morning as my class starts at 8am (bukan sume org leh wat ni)
  • nampak romantik jek maen piano for boyfren nnt.. ahahahah .. sile-telan-kate2ku-ini.
em shud take a nap by now.. *sleepy*

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