Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 5 & 6 at Galway (west of ireland)

hari rabu waktu tempatan, 9th March.

we started our journey early in the morning. we need to be at the tourism centre by 6.45am. we choosed Galway Tour Company as our tourist guide. we've decided to go with the Galway overnight offer. it took around 3 hours from dublin to galway.

we had a good trip with GLC! they got a very friendly, talkative & funny driver. he's our tourist guide too!

fantastic and awesome sceneries at cliff of moher and connemara.. rase cam taknak balik. im still remember the fresh air and the breeze moments. oh, pls dont wash away from my mind..

day 1 at galway: Cliff of Moher and Poulnabrone Dolmen

ni picas2 snapped from the bus. a lot of old castles.kat galway ni, dorg ade mountain of rocks. byk gile la source of rocks. the castles, kandang lembu and sheeps, rumah, everything is made of this rocks.

1st pic tu, ngan sweater tu tak cukup nk kaver kesejukan den. ni skejap2 jek kuar dari bus tuk snap picas ;)

at Poulnabrone Dolmen.. mcm stonehenge..

at cliff of moher.i wish that i could be there longer.

be careful. i think strong winds might push us away to the sea.

the end of journey of day 1 at galway.
to be contineud for connemara trip.
malam tu tido awal, sbb kedai2 kat galway pun tutup awal kol 7pm.
nothing much to do, just chit-chatting then sleep early at 8.00am.. byk tidooooo~ haha

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