Sunday, November 11, 2012

lose weight program

looking into my previous entries , i did update all my diets (foods and workout),
so what is the result?

i did lose weight. -5 kg.
and i lost a lots of inches.
my size  is L (most of the time), and M (some of tshirts) compared to XL last times.

for the 3 months (end of 2011 till Feb 2012), i did focusing on calories intake and daily workout.
after March 2012, it is hard for me to dedicate my full time for the workout (busy kerja katanya),
so i only care on my calorie intake..

after Syawal and Aidiadha, I have gained some (2-3kg) and now I am starting again my lose weight program with the Ace Fitness.

let's have a short, medium and long term goal.
let's work it out.

**nampak sgt lah yang turun naik berat badan berkadar langsung dgn perayaan. kekekeke


Saleha.Jayiddin said...

good job!!

hasz_rushley said...

rewards coach?