Sunday, October 10, 2010

entry peringatan tuk diri sendri

lepas raye ni, mesti sume org melantak bagai nak giler kan..
byk jemputan open house and also wedding reception...
kalo x pergi, di cop sombong pulak kan..
tak baek tau menolak jemputan org..

eventhough i loss my weight in Ramadhan, i gained it back during Syawal.. erk.
strictly healthy diet after this,
@sf@, pld dont forget your stepper exercise, otherwise u wont get your dream shape by next year..haha!

so, enuff wif all delicious food wahai cik @sf@.. mari mulakan diet anda semula..
pade kenkwn yg tgh diet tu jgn stop ok..mari bergabung tenaga..
we want to be more healthy and slimmer aite....
jgn ulangi kesilapan dulu..haha~

during good old days (pictures were taken in aug2007):
omg.dont laugh pls. i already had enuff laugh in da office. i pun tanak tgk pic ni. haha. byk lagi pic lam2 dlm laptop lame. sangat 'comel' tak?

now: (pictures were taken during ola's reception in Sept2010). owh i know. these picas are in their rite angle for camera trick. haha

good luck @sf@!

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