Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 & 11 ramadhan

this is a back-dated entry.
im now writing the blog @3.22 am.
wah.sgt awal ok. .slept early last night and it's too early for 'sahur'.

10 ramadhan: me and cik wid having our dinner @ cahaya taufik restaurant. we love almost all the food from that restaurant. lalapan, lauk-pauk,roti canai, nasi goreng jawa (iloveit), pasembor, pecal, ikan and ayam bakar. macam-macam ada. and it's affordable too.

11 ramadhan: we're having so much fun with mikhail around. the day was so gloomy, it was a rainy day in Miri. but i just love it. sejuk dan dingin je sepanjang hari.
in the evening, we're having pot-luck iftar at sko. it was soooo interesting having all those home-made food for the iftar. myself was preparing a simple dessert; agar2 laici.

mikhail.berdrama dulu before bermesra ngan we ols.

the food!~

*the people* and *us*

having enuff delicious food in my stomach~

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